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The Most Powerful Peer Led Conversation Network for Small – Medium Businesses

T2M offers ‘Trial and Dialogue’ that converts into sales

Getting your name out there can be difficult for smaller businesses. T2M understands the demands of having to do so much with a minimal budget.

At this stage the most important thing you can do is get your brand talked about and that’s where we come in offering you the chance to distribute samples to your specific target audience and start getting the word out there. read more

We put your brand in front of UK wide women to ensure that your product/brand is being optimised, relevant and gets seen positively against long-established brands.

Our passion and focus is to help you build your brand faster then you thought possible.

Getting your product into the hands of women is only 1 half of the equation, getting them to provide valuable feedback and insight will help you to build your brand proposition. The 2nd part of the equation is to utilise this content to build your brand by re-sharing it on your social networks, sharing the feedback with retailers and re-engaging with those customers for sales and word of mouth spread.

No matter how aggressive your digital marketing strategy is, continual growth comes from constantly inviting new customers to try your brand and have an opportunity to provide feedback.

We’ll help you rapidly increase your dialogue with a highly engaged network and ensure people take notice of you.

Each month we focus on growing your reach and leads. We use your chosen target group to start achieving results for you and directing traffic to your website, e-commerce platform or social media sites.

We filter who gets your product through one of the 4 options:

  • All women – 20 – 50 years
  • Women with children of a specific age range
  • Women who live in a key area
  • Women who shop a selected retailers

T2M offer three good value packages for smaller businesses where we focus on growing your reach and leads. (Less than £1 million turnover). Register to get started now.



  • 150 samples directly put in the hands of the right target audience for your product
  • A minimum of 10 direct market opinions on your product/brand from users shared online and for you to use in your marketing materials


  • 450 samples directly put into the hands of the right target audience for your product
  • A minimum of 25 direct opinions on your product/brand from users


  • 900 samples distributed into the hands of woman
  • A Minimum of 60 direct opinions on on your product/brand from target users users shared online and for you to use in your marketing materials

“Without T2M I wouldn't have known where to start. T2M offered me a way to reach my customer and get real time, relevant feedback so I could tweak the product even further.”

“T2M has shown me how important it is to get out to the target audience early. Once your product is 80% of the way there, you need to be getting the market's views.”

“T2M network is amazing. I love the monthly responses and insights and it's even more exciting to see those convert into sales.”