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Mums are the chief influencer’s of all family purchases

Mum is the chief influencer in the family accounting for over 70% of all household purchasing decisions

Our research shows that women influence, decide and make the final purchase on household and lifestyle wide products.

For example; a woman may influence/buy her husbands aftershave and her sons deodorant.

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1 in 3 mums recommend new products to their friends a few times a week.
Women tend to be habitual shoppers as it’s quite frankly, easy – they know what they’re getting each week and there are no arguments in the home.

Word of mouth

We surveyed over 2,500 mums to find out more about their daily behaviours and what influences them to purchase.

Women account for over 70% of all household spending across all category types, thats a whopping £205 billion of the UK’s total economy.

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50% of mums have changed the way they shop in 2017 compared to 2016.
1 in 10 weekly shops will get a new product added to the online shopping basket.
83% of mums speak to other friends about products they have used.
96% of mums are influenced to purchase by trying a product before they buy.

Learn about the power of peer led sampling

11 different sampling methods uncovered and vetted by mums. Find out why peer-to-peer sampling is the most influential.

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83% of UK mums never get to try a new product sample or experience it before they try it.
32% say they have started to do more shopping online.
47% of new purchases after a free sample are influenced because mums simply didn’t know they existed.
9% say they do a lot more shopping online.
7% used to do a lot more online but now do a lot more in-store shopping.
1 in 50 used to do some online shopping but now only do in-store shopping.

Top 10 tips for targeting women better... who happen to be mums

Taking the research conducted for this report, the following is a useful checklist for marketers seeking to reach women who happen to be mums.

  1. Use word of mouth marketing to activate your other media
  2. Get more product samples into mums hands to increase likelihood to purchase – sampling works and mums want more of it
  3. Engage mumbefore shopping starts for her to look out for your brand
  4. Use mums to spread your brand/product message
  5. Target mums with messages in UK regions where they are most receptive, such as where to give out samples versus where to give out money off coupons
  6. Give mums reasons to talk about your brand – and don’t assume that media consumption means media viewership
  7. Speak to mums at the right time, right place to get the best response rates – they need to be listening to take notice
  8. Reach out and say thank you – a genuine response will be well remembered and most likely talked about, because it is rare
  9. Understand why a free sample is so important to women
  10. Understand mums different buying habits from online to in-store and how changing shopping habits means you need to review your strategy