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The largest UK word of mouth network with access to over 5 million women.
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Peer-to-Peer Influencer Marketing.

Leverage the Chief Household Influencer to Drive Sales

Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg
90% of mums are more influenced by peer led media than digital media.
87% of mums are influenced by their friends word of mouth.

"Talk to Mums has taken sampling and turbocharged it."

Pz Cussons Beauty

"Talk to Mums has evolved sampling into a science, successfully combining consumer research with an awareness driving activity."

Sarah Brooks | Juice Burst

"An effective and innovative method of sampling with proven results. "

Dawn Cain | We are Bluechip

The Mum Value

A mum has multiple key roles.

Brand Users

Brand Influencers

Brand Buyers

Trained In

Social Media

Neuroscience Behavioural and Language

Campaign Specific

Route to Influence

In Home

Out of Home


High Quality Engagement

Shopper Behaviour and Brand Insight

Un-rushed Brand Conversations

Social ROI

Brand Recommendation with Enourmous Influence

Word of Mouth

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Learn about the power of peer led sampling

11 different sampling methods uncovered and vetted by mums. Find out why word of mouth peer-to-peer sampling is the most influential.

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Enormous Value

Maximise your results with our bespoke peer-to-peer led marketing.
Intelligent Profiling

We use sophisticated and intelligent profiling to maximise results. Through extensive planning with data analysis we can pinpoint by age of children, age of women, supermarket usage and geo-targeting.

Trusted Network

With our trusted word of mouth network you get product in hand, peer validation, brand conversation, insights, reviews and social proof.

Detailed Assessments

You receive a detailed assessment report that shows measurable ROI against your individual brand objectives.

Invaluable Insights

You get invaluable insights about consumption, messaging, ongoing usage and your products place in the shopper journey, enabling you to maximise every aspect of your marketing spend going forward.

Influence Purchasing Decisions by 80%

Push your buyers through the purchasing funnel 20x faster.

Make peer to peer marketing your secret weapon.

Choose the service that best suits your product type and brand needs

Product Reviews Consumer Research Peer-to-peer Sampling In-home Brand Experiences

Product Reviews

Our amazing network will add real value to your business with lead generation and authentic reviews that continue to increase purchasing rates.

  • We deliver you more customers giving a qualified group of women the opportunity to trial your product and share their feedback via key social media platforms/retailer sites.
  • You instantly start getting new customers and the best thing is the reviews keep generating more and more customers for you whilst you sleep.

What makes T2M different is we have an existing community of women that want to connect and learn about new products/services. Our community has a history of becoming a customer of the brands we work with, with an average 58% ongoing purchase rate. Plus the power of our network will also increase your on-page conversions and your online presence.

This solution is for brands looking to:

  • Increase trust and believability in your product
  • Increase general brand awareness
  • Support any in-store promotional offers
  • Creating a new customer acquisition funnel

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