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Why use a product sampling agency when marketing towards mums?

Posted on: May 3, 2017 8:40 am

The average mother performs a daunting and complicated task each day; she balances a home life, a career, children, and her own personal comforts on a constant basis. On top of all that, mums make most of the purchasing decisions on behalf of the entire family so using incentive marketing through a product sampling agency when trying to connect to mums should be an essential part of a brand’s strategy.

However, being responsible for the finances isn’t as fun as it might seem. Mums are constantly thinking about how they can not only get the best deal on their products but also how they can ensure that they get the right items to keep the whole family happy. That’s part of the reason why working with a product sampling agency

when marketing to mums is such an essential way of targeting women and getting the attention of mums when they’re shopping.

Wasting Money is the Enemy

Today, most families are living on a strict budget. That means that mums have to think carefully about where they’re going to allocate each percentage of their family’s’ monthly income. This typically means a mum would rather buy from somewhere she’s bought before, or purchase something she knows will be good value rather than risk losing money on trying out something new. This is where a product sampling agency can be especially useful – by providing mums with incentives and free samples, you give them a risk-free way to consider your product, even if she’s usually loyal to another brand.

Incentives Can Feel like Rewards

Mums are more likely to buy from brands that they feel they have a prior relationship with.

That’s why it’s so important for companies to focus on portraying themselves as a trustworthy and authentic company when getting the attention of the mum demographic. When a relationship has already been built, then incentives can feel like rewards – particularly when they’re given out specifically to previous customers. These rewards can make mums feel as though they’ve made the right decision about where to place their loyalty, and ensure that they’re less likely to stray elsewhere in the future. Talk to Mums Founder Sally Durcan reveals the benefits of using a logical approach to incentive marketing: “Using incentive marketing to sway a mum to become a potential customer is a question of pure logic. Ultimately, we all love promotions and free stuff, but once impressed, mums can be especially powerful brand advocates… 95% of mums will sometimes buy a product purely because another mum has recommended it. There is an implicit trust between mums, so it stands to reason that if you turn one mum into a customer, others will follow.”

Mums Care More About Saving Money

Although mums know as well as anyone that money isn’t everything – they also know just how far they have to make each penny stretch. Looking after kids is not a cheap job, particularly when it seems as though things can suddenly go wrong at the drop of a hat – from a child needing a new and expensive pair of glasses, to a child suddenly wanting to sign up for horse-riding lessons. Because of this, even if a mother previously showed loyalty to a specific brand, her loyalty can often be swayed if another brand is willing to offer a coupon, discount, or other incentive marketing method that makes life easier for her. Brands that have samples ready for distribution through a product sampling agency can therefore capitalize on this willingness to change brands and have loyalty swayed by making products readily available.

Mums Appreciate the Little Things

Finally, mums know how to be grateful for the little victories that they get in life. Getting a child to bed on time, earning a discount on their shop as part of a loyalty program, or getting access to an incentive that might not have been available elsewhere. Usually, even small incentives can go a long way in increasing the value of your company to the average mum. That means that you don’t need to necessarily use huge showy incentives every week to keep mums engaged because they’re just as likely to appreciate small, heart-felt sentiments that show your brand cares about them.

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