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Top 6 Tips for Brands Targeting Working Mums

Posted on: May 2, 2017 12:00 am

How can brands be more effective when targeting working mums? For many brands mothers are key when it comes to sales, after all, mums make around 85% of all purchasing decisions for the household, and when they’re choosing what to buy, they’re not just considering things like baby wipes and nappies, they’re looking at household electronics and big-spend items too.

Working mums are a fantastic demographic for industries to target, but if you want to get on their good side then you’ll need to know how to make the right impression. Here, we give you our six top tips for targeting working mums including attracting, and retaining, that all important professional mum-based audience.

Tip 1: Make it Short and Sweet
Mums are busy people – working mums are even busier still. Not only do these incredible women have to find enough time to care for their children, look after a home, and take care of themselves, but they also need to fit working hours into their days too. In other words, whether you’re advertising on social media, with content marketing, or through other forms of marketing, it’s crucial to keep your strategies short and snappy when targeting working mums. Your average working mum doesn’t have much time for browsing, so get to the point and outline value as quickly as possible.

Tip 2: Don’t Stereotype Mums
Although it’s important to know what kind of person you’re marketing to, when it comes to targeting working mums it’s crucial not to end up stereotyping them. Mums are unique individuals – though they can often act in certain, specific ways – but it’s important to make sure you don’t restrict your audience, or offend them, by trying to pigeonhole them with your marketing strategies.

Tip 3: Be Real and Authentic
The average mum puts up with a lot of stuff in her day. From dealing with annoying people at work, to arguing with children who refuse to eat their vegetables at home. Because of this, mums appreciate honesty and realism from the brands that they shop with, perhaps more than any other demographic. When targeting working mums, make sure that you show your authenticity and human nature in your marketing, then you’ll be more likely to get a mother’s attention.

Tip 4: Market to Mums Where They Are
Rather than hoping mums will have the time to track down your product, why not place your marketing efforts in front of them instead? Working mums often spend time with family at the weekends, so organising your marketing efforts to work alongside local family activities, or sports games, could be a great way to grab their attention. Additionally, you could consider guest posting for parenting blogs and on their social media channels.

Tip 5: Emotional Marketing Works Best
Finally, working mums make decisions based on a combination of logic and emotion, but if you can effectively tug at their heart-strings, then you’re more likely to earn their attention. Show a mother that your brands’ values and opinions align with her own, and the chances are that you’ll end up with the long-standing loyalty of that parent. For example, the “Dear Sophie” Google chrome ad resonates with a working mum’s fears and feelings about children growing up too fast – and that’s part of the reason why it was so effective.

Tip 6: Stay Away from Traditional Marketing
Only 16% of mums are influenced by traditional media sources such as TV, billboard and newspaper advertising. Our founder here at Talk to Mums, Sally Durcan, thinks that this kind of stat tells us a lot about how brands should be reaching out to mums: “Mums need information about new products and services as much as anyone. The difference is, they’ll get this information via real interactions. Mums will turn to their friends and peers to gain the help, knowledge and insight she needs about a particular product. This makes word-of-mouth marketing more important than ever.”

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