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The first bespoke agency to connect brands with mums online and offline

Posted on: February 26, 2015 7:17 pm

Talk to Mums is a new agency connecting brands with mums online and offline. Talk to Mums offers a format for brands to create more impactful conversations with Mums by brand ambassador programs, product sampling programs, events and ultimately direct and honest brand exposure with a powerful buying audience.

Talk to Mums Founder Sally Durcan says, “Mums are a hugely important target market for brands as they are multi-dimensional consumers.  Mums buy for themselves, the kids, the family as well as influencing friends and other families. Their spending power is enormous and with the rise in population mums and families are a vital and growing market.”


There are a number of specialist companies targeting mums with platforms such as new mum forum based sites, free online voucher sites or job sites.  Talk to Mums is the first agency to offer a range of products that help brands to reach and directly talk to mums in both online and offline formats that allows brands to target all types of mums, such as new mums, mums with toddlers, green mums, mums with school aged children, mums by region, etc. Talk to Mums will start with a focus in the London region with a goal to offering regional breakdown events and promotions shortly afterwards.

“Mums are not just online.  They are outdoors, in shops, around the community, on holiday, at restaurants, at work or picking up the children.  As a result of mum’s busy lives, there are numerous touch points to reach them at different times of the day, week and season that can add real value. The offline format is a vital factor for many brands that require education and learning or new product launches.  Brands with limited brand awareness need to engage mums and convert them into advocates to really start building a strong lead generation and sales program or risk being another leaflet in a bag or freebie in a box that will either be ignored or used and forgotten”, said Durcan.

Talk to Mums will offer brands a bespoke range of products to connect them to the right mums for product sampling, mum promotional staff, events including the blog brunch events and a growing mum community to connect with.

Talk to Mums Founder Sally Durcan is also the founder of Hotcow, a multi-million pound brand experience agency. When Sally became a mum in 2011 she noticed a communication gap in the market for mums and brands to talk to each other in an honest and direct way across multiple formats.  Talk to Mums was born in 2014 with a goal to fuse the marketing and mum experience together.

Happy Healthy Families Blog Brunch / April 24th 2015 / 10-2pm

Talk to Mum’s first blog brunch event will take place at Bloomsbury House in London and will focus on new health/wellness products aimed at mums and/or the family. This unique meet and greet event will focus on a core topic of discussion to bring both mum and brand together. For this event, 10-15 brands will be invited to attend alongside 50+ digital mums, lifestyle and parenting journalists. For brands, this event is a vital time saving tool to initiate and develop an immediate and ongoing relationship with bloggers.  Brands should visit our sign up page today to get involved.

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