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Product Sampling to Mums – Millennials and Gen X

Posted on: February 23, 2015 11:20 pm

Mums are both the end user and purchaser of products. They are also women with individual needs and requirements. The key to targeting mums is knowing how to communicate with mums, when to communicate with mums and what information to share with mums to help them make an educated decision on the product you are selling. Mums generally are time poor they have so much to do they often have little time for themselves.

Mums also are growing and changing their decisions and needs as their children grow – from a new born, to a toddler, to a school children and beyond – there needs are evolving and changing. Brands need to keep up with these changing circumstances and the requirement to communicate better with mums.


Successful product sampling to Mums is about knowing when and where to speak to mums offline. Are they out shopping with their children, are they at the supermarket doing a top up shop for the family, are they on a family day out at an event or festival or are they a mum heading to work for the week.

Strategy and Planning is key to getting great results. This requires understanding mum and knowing how to get her attention is a positive way. Part of this strategy and planning exercise is to highlight the current awareness levels of the brand with the target audience to ascertain how to move from an awareness campaign or lead generation campaign into a relationship building campaign where the brand will be remembered, talked about and ultimately purchased.

Our research shows that 87% of mums love to try new products and experience brands. The challenge for most mums is they don’t know about these activities and if they did, they might work the experience or free giveaway into their schedule for the day. With 82% saying a first hand experience of a new product or brand would entice them to consider purchasing the product now or in the future.

92% of mums said that a brand or product has to be visually impactful to grab their attention and offer something that really resonates with them to encourage them to go from noticing the branding to actually coming over and trying it or experiencing it.

But how does product sampling to mums offline fare against product sampling online? This is a completely different approach. Online couponing gets a lot lower redemptions then face to face sampling as it requires the mum to already know and trust the brand. Products that need to educate customers need face time with mums to give them the change to understand how the brand / product fits into their lives and the chance to evaluate the product credentials.

A great example of this, was I got an offer for a discount on a blender at xmas to make smoothies for the family, we love smoothies and already have a blender but could do with getting a new one. But I hadn’t heard of the brand, there was nothing compelling beyond price and I didn’t have the time to read all the information in the email/offer to actually activate it. However, when I was out shopping if someone was demonstrating how the blender worked, how easy it is to prep and clean and the multiple ways in which it can help make healthy meals and drinks, I would have remembered that brand and either bought it immediately and or went home and logged in online and purchased the product when my son was in bed.

If you are looking at sampling your product to Mums talk to us. Talk to Mums has a database of over 5,000 different venues and locations that will enable your brand to reach mums more effectively. We also work with key partners to pinpoint the highest density counties and towns to maximise the expenditure of the brand and reach larger volumes of mums.

We also offer mum brand ambassadors who will be the face and voice of your brand on the ground to deliver your message and engage likeminded peopled. This is hugely beneficial to a brand as it ensures that mums are speaking with mums and you can be sure that you will have better conversations that lead to higher uplift in sales, awareness and talkability.

Talk to Mums, a mum to mum communication agency, connecting brands with mums online and offline. Brands have access to mums, mums opinions and meeting mums at key out of home environments whilst utilising our existing and constantly growing database. Our services include events, product sampling, mum brand ambassadors, mum survey’s, mum focus groups and more. Get in touch day at info@

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