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Mumbassador Interview: Deborah Nicholas

Posted on: July 5, 2017 8:11 am


Mumbassador – Next up in our series of interviews with our Talk to Mums Mumbassador, we speak to 42-year-old Mumbassador Deborah Nicholas to find out what she thinks about working with us and the brands we team up with.

Name: Deborah Nicholas
Age: 42
Location: Durham
Number of Kids: Six
Works: Mum and blogger
Time with Talk to Mums: One Year

Tell us about the projects you’ve worked on since you became part of the Talk to Mums network… I’ve worked on projects for Nairn’s Oatcakes, Novasol, Ecover and Knorr. The briefs for Nairn’s, Ecover and Knorr were the same – hand out products (sometimes with discount offers) and talk about the brands to the people I gave the products too. As well as talking about the products I would also ask if they’d heard of or used the product before, and I’d get feedback around how they liked the products. Some feedback was given then and there, some of it was received later via social media. All the campaigns I’ve worked on have been amazing to be part of. I love that they get me out and about talking to people on a regular basis.

What do you love most about being a member of the Talk to Mums network and why? Everyone supports each other, questions are never unanswered and help is always there.

What benefits does it give you? The flexibility is great, and so is the social interaction part of it.

What do your friends think about what you do with Talk to Mums? Some really love the idea of it and have actually joined the network to.

What are the best things about working on a project with Talk to Mums?
1. Flexibility
2. Social aspect
3. Helping to promote a product you believe in

Would you recommend becoming part of the Talk to Mums network? Totally! It’s a very uncomplicated way of staying at home and earning some much needed extra pennies.

Can you tell us if you / your family have used the product or products from the brand you sampled from since? Yes, we have always used the products / brands that I’ve worked on. If I hadn’t I’d feel I wouldn’t be able to give a good representation of the brand. We loved the Knorr sachets and have since bought other varieties and we regularly use Ecover washing up liquid (as does my mum and sister too).

Have you spoken to other mums about the products/ brand since?  Yes, mums from my village often ask if I have any samples coming up as they have found some great new products from previous ones I have handed out.

Do you think you are now more aware of the brands you sampled from? Yes, definitely. I don’t normally use sachets for foods but since sampling and handing out the Knorr sachets I am a total convert (Mumbassador). I try to follow all of the brands I’ve worked with on all social media and do retweet things if I see offers on, and things like that.

Tell us about any positive comments you received from your network when you recommended a product/shared a sample with them… One of my favourites was a comment from a lady who tried the Knorr Bolognese sachet and her son hated tomatoes but loved the Knorr mix so much he was asking for it regularly – family meals revolutionised! Another was the fact that Ecover had become a family favourite with one lady as her skin reacted terribly to any other detergent but when using Ecover she had not had any issues at all. It’s stories like this that make it all worth while.

Tell us why you think word-of-mouth product recommendations are so impactful, particularly in comparison to traditional forms of advertising… These days people are paid a fortune to endorse anything and social media is a major player in advertising.  Word-of-mouth from another mother is something I value as I know they will guide me in the right direction for products for me and my family.

Talk to Mums is an influencer platform that connects brands with close to 3 million women with children aged two to teens through sampling and surveys. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you get your brand into the right hands. 

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