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Mumbassador Interview: Corrie Rodgers

Posted on: June 8, 2017 9:43 am

Next up in our new series of interviews with our Talk to Mums Mumbassadors, we speak to 30-year-old Mumbassador Corrie Rodgers to find out what she thinks about working with us and the brands we team up with.

Name: Corrie Rodgers
Age: 30
Location: Derby
Number of Kids: One Son
Works: Self-employed part time dancer. Also recently launched plant based skincare business: Trees, Bees and Marshmallows.
Time with Talk to Mums: Two Years

Tell us about the projects you’ve worked on since you became part of the Talk to Mums network… I have taken part in three campaigns for Talk to Mums – Nairn’s oat cakes, Ecover washing liquid and Knorr recipe mixes. Each was a sampling campaign which meant that I distributed samples with money off coupons to mums and families in my area. Sometimes people can be a little unsure at first when you strike up conversations with them and offer them free product samples, but they quickly become willing to take part. Because I really enjoy socialising, meeting new people and talking to new people, this sort of work comes naturally to me. I find it very enjoyable. And also, being able to work with my son around is invaluable, and something I’ve found hard being self-employed, so this works really well for me.

What do you love most about being a Mumbassador? It gives you the opportunity to work with your children, which means you save money on child care, and then earn a little extra money along the way. Learning about, and working with, great brands is really great too, plus getting out and about and talking to new people.

What benefits does it give you? The chance to try new products when I may never have tried them otherwise, and of course, being able to take my baby to work with me.

What do your friends think about what you do with Talk to Mums? They are always saying: “Oooo, what have you got for us to try now?” which is funny. I’m always telling different people about different products I’ve worked with and I find that people also ask me if I’ve heard or worked with a certain brand. They are interested to hear my thoughts on it.

What are the best things about working on a project as a Mumbassador?
1. Being able to take your baby to work
2. Being one of the first to learn about new products
3. Being one of the first to try new products

Would you recommend becoming part of the Talk to Mums network? Yes. It really works for mums who are looking to earn some extra money while looking after the kids.

Can you tell us if you / your family have used the product or products from the brands you worked with since? Yes, we always use Ecover washing up liquid, and in fact since I started using the washing up liquid I have tried to switch to the entire Ecover cleaning range.

Have you spoken to other mums about the products / brands since? Yes. I highly recommend Ecover products. I am very much into natural products that are chemical free. I won’t work for a brand if I don’t agree with the product.

Do you think you are now more aware of the brands you sampled from? Yes. I think so. I notice them a lot more, whereas I perhaps wouldn’t have if I hadn’t worked with them.

Can you tell us why you think word of mouth product recommendations are so impactful, particularly in comparison to traditional forms of advertising? People, and mums especially, really listen to the advice and recommendations of others. I’ve learnt that mums hate to miss out, so if they think everyone is using a product, or they are the first to try a new product, it makes them happy. Then they tell other people about their experiences. Reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations coming from someone’s own experience, someone they trust, means that people are more willing to try out new products.

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