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Launch your new product to influential digital mums, offline

Posted on: February 23, 2015 10:51 pm

Talk to Mums has launched a series of ‘Blog Brunch’ events to help brands connect with influential digital mums and digital mums to meet new brands. Each ‘Blog Brunch’ event will focus on a core topic of interest to mums including; Health & Happiness, Kids & Technology, Back to School, Lunchbox and Mothers and Baby.

Our research has highlighted that digital mums are looking for new products that they can be educated on, test and trial and then write about online. 81% of digital mums say they would like to form a relationship directly with the brand. 
The ‘Blog Brunch’ events is about meeting people face to face and engaging mums in dialogue and product education via a memorable experience.

We provide a meeting environment for brands to have face to face contact with busy digital mums and launch a new product or a new product variant to gain valuable insight & opinions and/or personalised content written and shared online with tens of thousands and more followers.

Talk to Mums ‘Blog Brunch’ events will bring together between 10-15 brands and 50+ influential digital mums in 1 place for 4 hours for a meet and greet session. Mums will get the opportunity to meet brands first hand and develop a relationship and ongoing dialogue for immediate and future opportunities to work together.

What is different about his forum to other blogger meet up’s?

Talk to Mums is bringing mums together who are interested in knowing more about key topics. We are only inviting influential mums that are really engaged with their audience. These mums create and share relevant and valuable information that helps mums save time, find out about new information or products or simply provide some fun and interesting stories about motherhood. These influencers have super fan followers, these people tend to feel part of a community group and place a high level of trust in these individual that influences their opinions, conversations and purchasing behaviour.

Healthy, Happy Families – 24 April, 2015

On the 24th April the first ‘Blog Brunch’ event will launch focusing on Healthy, Happy Families. This event will be inviting brands that are focusing on targeting mum, family and or kids and are positioning themselves as a healthy product or a product that promotes happiness within the family. We are interested in brands that are in FMCG, household appliances, beauty and travel that have something new and unique to share with our digital mums that will get them excited about the brand and give their readers something new to read about.

If you are a brand interested in coming along and exhibiting at the ‘Blog Brunch’ events please get in touch with or visit our website and register at: /mums/

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