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How to increase brand memorability amongst mums?

Posted on: May 30, 2017 8:26 am

Brand memorability is the key part of the purchasing journey when it comes to marketing aim towards mums.

The number one reason a mum won’t remember a brand or product is because she hasn’t been given the opportunity to experience or engage with the product, but luckily there are ways to make sure yours is a brand that sticks out from the crowd…

Why does brand memorability matter?

Firstly, mums are very busy people!

There isn’t always the time available to search or scroll through multiple marketing messages, so having something that is easily recognisable and memorable is key.

Secondly, mums are shopping creatures of habit, and often go into automatic when it comes to organising and making purchasing decisions. In order to get your brand or product noticed by mums – and for them to take your message on board – you either need to disrupt their normal routine or ensure that they hear about your product or brand from a trusted source.

Enter sampling. Sampling is the perfect way to get mums to try new products, provided the right method is utilised.

Perhaps you are already running a sampling program that distributes product samples online or through other sources such as inside magazines, goodie bags, or at events. You may have focussed your efforts on distributing your samples in the hopes that a trial will turn into a purchase. If this is the case – you need to rethink your strategy. Sampling is more than just a distribution avenue! As a brand, you need to know if the people who receive your product samples are actually trying them, and not just putting them in their handbags or cupboards and forgetting about them, or worse still, throwing them in the bin. And if they have tried your product, did they like the product? How will you know

How does peer-to-peer sampling strengthen brand memorability?

This is where a specific type of sampling method comes in – peer-to-peer sampling.

Peer-to-peer sampling ensures that mums receive product samples direct from a trusted source such as a friend, or a friend of a friend, and it is given to them by someone who can talk to them about it and really get them to engage with it. This means that all the samples given out will get into the right hands (a brand’s target audience) and for those that have been given the new product, it means that they are much more likely to try the product, like the product, talk about the product to others, and, most importantly, go on to buy the product.

You see, sampling is about much more than simply giving out a product. It is about an accumulation of the many parts of the journey that the consumer comes across on the path to purchase, which together move them from trying a product, right through to actively considering purchasing it. Brand memorability is a crucial stage of that journey and using peer-to-peer sampling to ensures that a potential new customer is fully engaged when they have that initial interaction with a new product, meaning they are far more likely to remember it.

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