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CES: The latest products designed for kids

Posted on: January 15, 2015 1:30 pm

Last week in Las Vegas was the Consumer Electronics Show where 170,000 people checked out 3,500 exhibitors to find techs latest and greatest.

Below we have highlighted some of the latest products designed for kids.

Bellabeat is a complete system of connected smart devices specifically for women. Products include a non-invasive monitor mums-to-be can use to check on baby’s heartbeat in the womb. The device then becomes a smart baby monitor after birth. There’s a scale that will work for mum and baby alike and even jewellery — worn as a pendant, brooch or bracelet — that will track and report on mum’s sleep, nutrition, calories burned and stress level.

Edwin the Duck. The world’s first interactive rubber duckie, Edwin is an app-enhanced smart toy as well as a bath temperature sensor that will turn red and “quack” if the water is too hot, a nightlight, and a waterproof Bluetooth wireless-enabled speaker for playing favourite tunes, lullabies and more.

The Narrative Clip 2 is a wearable camera with automatic photo capture, equipped with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It allows you to easily record moments that matter, while staying “in the moment” rather than having to use a camera or phone. It can then wirelessly transfer images and share stories on the go.

SleepIQkids. A smart bed from Sleep Number, SleepIQkids lets you know if your child gets out of bed–and scans the room for monsters, among other clever and helpful features.

TempTraq is a 24-hour wireless thermometer worn as a patch on baby’s skin. It can send alerts to your phone if a child’s temperature is too high and provide a record of changes throughout the day.

Kolibee introduced a connected toothbrush that tracks your family’s brushing habits and lets you know how to do a better job.

TrackR will make your phone ring even if you have the phone on silent and alerts you if you move too far away from your mobile device. While its benefits extend beyond families, it’s a particular help to multitasking mums.

Sensoria. Here, sensors are actually part of your sports bra or running socks and can track your heart rate or the number of steps you take while running. Ideal for the mum trying to steal a little me-time.

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