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An Insight into Our Process

Posted on: June 6, 2017 9:14 am

According to McKinsey, 90% of brand conversations still take place offline. In addition, in The Face-to-Face Book, Ed Keller and Brad Fay note that consumers are hardwired to “be social” and are “influenced by direct, in-person conversations”.

Product sampling marketing the insight of our process. We couldn’t agree more, especially when you consider that research has shown that there is a staggering 80% increase in a person’s likelihood to purchase a product based on a discussion, comment or recommendation from a trusted source.

Here at Talk to Mums, we have tapped into this insight to provide a unique people-powered marketing platform for brands to use. We specialize in peer-to-peer sampling, giving our carefully selected mums hundreds of products (or coupons) from the brands we work with to give out to friends and acquaintances within their community.

As well as distributing products, mums also host brand events in their homes. Not only do these events raise a brand’s awareness, they also give them insights, via feedback, into what consumers think about different aspects of their products, including; usability, taste, packaging design, and many other important features.

As our founder, Sally Durcan, who has been conducting product sampling marketing for over 10 years, explains: “For most brands, sampling is an important tool used to gain awareness and drive trials. We offer brands a new form of peer-to-peer product sampling and conversation generation that ultimately gets listened to and remembered far more than other sampling methods. Adopting a regular and consistent flow of live sampling activations is imperative to growing a brand, and keeping a brand top of mind.”

A report in Marketing Week in 2012 highlighted research carried out into different advertising methods and showed that when product sampling marketing was added to a campaign a growth in sales was always achieved. In addition, according to Mintel, mums are both the king and queen of the household when it comes to making purchasing decisions across most categories.

That is why tapping into that market is so important, and we know that when you have an army of mums working as your personal brand ambassadors within that market, sharing samples of your products with their peers, you have a hugely powerful and effective marketing tool right there.

Our Mumbassadors

The “Mumbassadors” we work with are carefully identified, screened and selected based on a range of registration questions – such as location, social habits, work history, and physiology – so we know we are working with the right mums.

We work with everyday mums who are digitally connected i.e. highly social (online) posting a minimum of two to three times a time a day. When a campaign goes live our mums get a ‘Talk Guide’ to help them identify ways in which to distribute the product they are working with, and how to talk about the brand.

Once the campaign has been completed, each mum sends back a report based on where the samples were distributed and what comments people made about brand or product. They also share pictures and stories, all in real time. The reports then get ranked, so the overarching incentive for doing a good job is the promise of more work. A win-win for both the mums and the brands they work with.


Talk to Mums is an influencer platform that connects brands with close to 3 million women with children aged two to teens through sampling and surveys. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you get your band into the right hands.

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