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Tisane the new 0% alcohol sparkler is great for expecting mums

Posted on: April 29, 2015 5:52 pm

I recently read in Drinks Business news that Echo Falls owned by Accolade wines will release the first zero alcohol wine in the UK.

I was so excited to read about this as I have often been on a girls night out with my mummy friends when one of us is either pregnant, breast feeding or driving. The topic of feeling like you are drinking wine with the girls without drinking wine, has often come up.

Whilst I haven’t tried the product yet, I was delighted to know that their is a brand out their thinking about the practical needs of a consumer group like mums.

The brand describes the products taste as a “gentle mousse with light aromas and a delicate palate of tea-infusions which adds structure to a sparkling white wine without the alcohol.” Whilst this description doesn’t really make my mouth water, I am sure the real thing tastes great. But as I read on the most interesting part was Tisane has only 26 cals per 100ml and is only £3.49.

At the moment the product seems to only be available in Tesco but here’s hoping that they will get some good distribution with restaurants across the country where most of our mummy socialising happens.

What are you thoughts? Is this a great idea for mums? Would it be something you would buy?

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