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3 ways to improve your blogger outreach campaign today

Posted on: January 15, 2015 1:34 pm

The digital age has well and truly taken off but there is a side effect for brands. It is getting harder to connect with people and have meaningful conversations. Plus brand loyalty has never before been so low, at around 25% according to a Forbes Article (Is Brand Loyalty Dying a Slow and Painful Death)

Online marketing spend is increasing as the cut through rates are getting lower with more brands ploughing their money into what is perceived as a quick and easy way to grab new customers.

Our latest research has uncovered a range of interesting insights from mum bloggers and brands themselves, with each party getting frustrated with the time wasted on ineffective communication.

We must remember these self employed entrepreneurs are raising a family full time whilst running their business (writing blogs). They are getting inundated with invites, samples and information daily receiving between 4-20 approaches a week according to Tots100.

Brands want sales and quicker responses to reduce workload and inefficiencies.

What can you do to improve this?

  • Take your communication offline to make your online responses work harder
    Meet up with the bloggers face to face and show them what your product or service is all about. Get them to touch it, feel it and experience it – it is the only way for them to develop a true understanding of your product or service.

If this interests you get in touch with ‘Talk to Mums’ who has an exciting schedule of events coming up where brands and bloggers can network together uninterrupted for 4 hours and build up a strong and sustainable relationship.

  • Incentive your mum writer
    First and foremost the writer is a mum not a puppet. She is going to write about your product with her own tone of voice with her own opinion. She can only write something impressive about your brand if she really “gets it”. It is your responsibility to ensure she does whilst taking into consideration her limited time and availability. A press release is never going to do the trick and convince her reader that she is authentic. Plus you loose out on personalised content that comes from the heart which has a positive impact on your link juice.

Incentivise mum beyond money, give her something exciting to share with her followers – it will ensure you get better results.

  • Expand your mum blogger search beyond the obvious
    Whilst some bloggers have really high followers and other have a lot less, we do need to bear in mind that a good quality community is better then a numbers game. Plus all bloggers are mums first and foremost and most mums have a strong group of friends and groups they are part outside of the blog site to spread positive word of mouth.At the moment bloggers are a cost effective way to authentically reach out to a wider community and build your own online community, it might be worthwhile to look beyond the top 10 or 20 bloggers and do something different compared to every other brand.

Talk to Mums is a mum to mum communication agency. We connect brands with digital mums offline to enhance digital performance and recommendations. We offer a range of services including, Blog Brunch Events, Sampling, Event based promotions, Mum Brand Ambassadors, Roadshows & Guerrilla Marketing activity. Get in touch.

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