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About Talk to Mums

In 2016, we set up Talk to Mums to give busy, time poor mums the opportunity to experience and trial new brands. By creating this community it has also given mums the opportunity to share their secrets and insights on the best brands and products to use.

It all started since having my first child 6 years ago, when I realised I rarely get to pick up a magazine. I hardly ever notice any advertising and barely get to read the streams of messages coming from my friends.

Like many other women out there, I love to be in the know. I love finding a great new product that can impact someone I love. It might be a perfect body lotion, or a snack that tastes great.

I also love it when I receive new products from new brands, which inevitably ends up on my shopping list.

We are proud to have worked with some amazing brands and wonderful women of all ages across the UK.

We would love for you to be a part of our network too.

With love,

Sally Durcan,
Talk to Mums

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Talk to Mums gives you the opportunity to try new brands, get mum-to-mum product recommendations, host in-home parties, feature on our social media, win great prizes through competitions, make new friends, and distribute samples.

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