We’re excited to tell you that Talk to Mums was recently featured in industry magazine, The Grocer. The article they featured is based on a recent survey we carried out with our Talk to Mums network of mums that looked at the shopping habits of busy modern mothers.

The article focusses on the online shopping part of our survey and reveals some interesting statistics including that fact that more than four in 10 mums have started doing more grocery shopping online over the past year, which means that today, around two-fifths (38%) of mums currently do most of their shopping online, compared with 62% who shop in-store.

Talk to Mums founder Sally Durcan is quoted as saying: “These mums are boot-strapped for time – in terms of travel, household management, childcare management, bill payment, food preparation, work, and much more. All of which gives us some insight as to why these women tend to be habitual shoppers, especially around food and drink products. It is, quite frankly, easy – they know what they’re getting each week and there are no arguments in the home.”

The full article can be read here.

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