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Connecting brands with the women who matter most

  • T2M is a peer led conversation network that builds brands through trial and dialogue. We call it Trialogue.
  • Our network of women trial products, start brand conversations and share real-time opinion and insights
  • Get your brand talked about by over 3 million of the UK’s most influential women

Trial plus dialogue = Trialogue

  • You get more than trial. With T2M you also get unfiltered insights you can use in future marketing efforts and tap directly into an engaged network
  • Talk to Mums can extend the quality and reach of your brand by up to 20x creating conversations that have been proven to increase intent to purchase by 65%. (2017 survey)

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How we work with you

Trialogue means we circulate your products to the right market segment PLUS we provide unfiltered opinions on the issues, attitudes and shopping behaviours that affect your marketing plans now and in the future.

Consumer Insights

Help product development

Understanding consumer habits and behaviours

Feed consumer feedback to retailers

Product Trial & Review

New Lead Generation

Feedback loop

Driving reviews on social or retailer platforms

Sampling & Social Sharing

Relationship marketing

Product recommendations

Real time insight / Feedback loop

Behaviour report

In-Home Brand Experiences

Consumer led marketing / Community building

20 x higher word of mouth

Real time insights/Feedback loop

Behaviour report

Through these activities we give women a reason to want to spread the word and tell your brand story to their social network both online and offline.


Be on the Shopping List

Mums tend to be habit-led shoppers, T2M cuts through the clutter by targeting them before they go shopping

Greater Insights & Rewards

T2M gets women talking about subjects that leads to insights you can use now and in the future

Quality Reach

T2M gets your product into the hands of the right target audience at the right time achieving faster results

Social Engagement

T2M drives conversation around your brand increasing online engagement and boosting brand awareness

Are you a Small / Medium Businesses?

…tell us they rarely get to know about new products
…never get to try a product before they buy
…are influenced to buy by free trials and recommendations
…are more likely to remember the brand when a product sample is given to them from a peer

Be a part of mums conversations

The best way to be the brand of choice with mums is to be part of their conversation. Trusted marketing can’t be bought and gives brands better quality connections and reach. It will also boost the performance of your other marketing tactics and paid for media.

Sally Durcan,
Founder, Talk to Mums

What mums say about us?

“After sharing Kettle Bites with a school mum, she told me how this product had helped her to re-evaluate the calorie content of foods and then went onto lose over 10 kg.”

Helen Watson, London

“My son has really sensitive skin (Eczema) and I don’t let him play with many creative play activities because of the chemicals – when I was a mumbassador for Ecover – I let him play in water with bubbles for the first time due to it was chemical free. The joy on my sons face was amazing and he didn’t get an Eczema outbreak”

Leyla Johnson, Hertfordshire

“My husband suffers from really bad nasal congestion sometimes having to take 2-3 different products a day just to relieve the symptoms – I jumped at the chance to try Serenz and we noticed a huge difference in a really short space of time. I am so grateful I now know about this product.”

Clare Long, Canterbury