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Win a 3in1 Mini Micro Deluxe from MicroScooters

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Microscooters is one of our favourite scooter brands - we love them!

We have an AMAZING prize for you all on the blog today from the wonderful brand that is Microscooters. Everyone we know has had a scooter for their kids, but there really is nothing to compare with a Microscooter. Both my children have had them, and there is nothing to rival their sturdiness, flexibility and reliability.

Even better, they are now available for children from vertually as soon as they can walk, thanks to the product we are giving away, the 3 in 1 Mini Micro Deluxe. The wonderful thing about these scooters is that they grow with your child:

  • 12 months – they are a ride on,
  • 18 months – they transform into a toddler scooter, and
  • 2 years – if they are ready, then they transform into a microscooter ready for them to take on the scooting world!

What features does the 3 in 1 deluxe Microscooter have?

It has been well documented how important it is to keep our kids active, and there is no harm to starting off at an early age with them – a 3 in 1 scooter provides the ability to get your kids moving early, encouraging a very positivie attitude to exercise. It might even get you to and from the park a wee bit quicker as well ūüėČ

Entry is simple, all you need to do, is fill out the contact for below with your name, and email address, and we will add you to the Microscooters, and Talk to Mums mailing list; and then you are done!

Don’t worry though, if you are already on the list – you can get entries for sharing a unique link to the giveaway. If anyone enters through this link, then you’ll get an entry – and you can do this as many as TEN times, one entry for every one of those ten little friends that you manage to presuade to enter¬†the giveaway too. Brilliant, eh?

3in1 Mini Microscooter

It really is as simple as this. The closing date for this competition is Monday 6th March at 11.59pm, so get in there! We wouldn’t want you to miss out now, would we? Good luck everyone, lets get scooting! If you know anyone that would be interested in thise prize, do share with them as well; the more the merrier.

Thanks for taking the time to read our blog. Why not join us and get paid to share products with your family and friends too?

Over half of mums think mixed meat and veg sausages are healthier for their family

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We love a survey on Talk to Mums, almost as much as we love a good Sausage and Mash dinner. So, we thought, why not combine the two? We carried out a survey recently with nearly 1,500 mums to find out about their buying habits and thoughts on the humble sausage.

What do mums think of the humble sausage?

It would seem that we are a nation of sausage munchers, with over 1 in 3 of us buying sausages for the family at least once a week. Three quarters of us buy sausages to pop in the weekly shop every other week. The sausage seems to be a go to meal for families here in the UK. We certainly find it’s an easy choice after school to just chuck a couple of sizzlers in the pan. Most people are rather fond of them after all; with only 6% of you saying you don’t buy them because someone in the family doesn’t like eating them.

Over 30% of mums buy sausages for the family at Tescos, which is higher than at Asda, and Sainsbury’s, who are their nearest rivals. You are clearly loving your Tesco finest – right?

Perhaps this is no surprise, given that over half of you think that sausages combining meat and vegetables are a more healthy option for kids. Nearly a quarter of mums are a little worried about how much meat their family is eating, therefore a sausage that gives more than just meat, is likely to entice. In addition, a third of mums think these types of combined sausages are going to be more tasty too.

Interestingly, over a quarter of mums would definitely buy a sausage with both meat and vegetables in for their family, with over 50% rather loving the idea of a smoky chipotle pork and sweet potato sausage in particular. So come on – lets get one in the shops to add to our plates, with our mash and peas ūüėÄ

We are a nation of sausage lovers, and we buy from Tesco!

So what is YOUR favourite sausage?


Over a third of Mums prefer Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream for the family

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We have got the results in for our Ice Cream mum survey, and they make very interesting reading for the top Ice Cream brands in the country.

Which is mums favourite brand of ice cream to buy for the family?

Ben & Jerry’s¬†score very favourably with families, with over a third of mums saying that this brand is¬†their go to Ice Cream for the family freezer. Mums are picking their favourite brand not based on value, but the range of flavours that are on offer.

Now we all know that this makes sense, particularly if you happen to have a picky toddler that has a rather big say in what gets put into your shopping trolley as you wonder around Tesco! ūüėČ

Over a third of mums say Ben & Jerrys is their favourite ice cream!Confirming that reputation and flavour are the key factors when mums make those Ice Cream buying decisions, over 85% of them are buying branded ice creams rather than Supermarket Own products.

Creaminess is another major factor in the choices that mums make for their family, with over 27% of them saying that the creamy nature of their ice cream was the main reason they pick the brand they do.

Personally, if its got a funky name, its going into my trolley, but that’s just me.

Karamel Sutra anyone?

Data from a survey carried out by Talk to Mums online with over 450 mums in the UK. If you would like more information, send us an email.

What new products would you recommend to your mum friends?

What new products have you recommended to your mum friends?

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We want to hear from YOU this week!

We’d love to know¬†what new products you have come across that you loved so much you would recommend to your mum friends. So come on and help us out by answering this survey.

It’s only a couple of questions, and then you will be¬†in with a chance of winning ¬£10 from Toys R’ Us.

It doesn’t matter what the product is, but just to jog your memory, it could be:

  • A fantastic new chocolate pudding which made you feel like you were eating out, even though you weren’t,
  • An amazing eye shadow that made you knock them dead even though you were up all night with then kids,
  • A perfect new toy that kept the baby entertained so you could have a sneaky bag of crisps, or
  • A new snack you discovered that kept the hunger at bay when you were travelling home from work on the train back to the family.

Whatever it is, we’d love to hear the product name, and why you liked it so much if you can. That way, we know who we should be approaching to get all our mums¬†talking¬†about them.

You never know, we might even get some of you some free products to sample too!

Why not share this survey, so we get more ideas for new products, AND more mums to help us talk about them as well?

New products I would recommend to other mums
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This competition closes on Tuesday 7th February at 11.59pm. The usual terms and conditions for Talk to Mums giveaways apply.

What Ice Cream do mums like to buy for their family freezer?

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Its a wee bit nippy outside, so this has got us thinking about the cold, and Ice Cream.

We are asking you this week what your favourite brand of Ice Cream is for the family. What do you and the kids like to eat on a lovely¬†summer’s day?

Yeah – we know the weather isn’t quite right for this, but it’s making us feel warm so lets go with it ūüėÄ

Ice Cream brands for the family
Please correct any required fields and submit again.
This survey has been closed by the administration.

We are offering one random responder the chance to win £10 in Toys R Us vouchers as well. The closing date for this is Monday 30th January at 11.59pm. The usual T&Cs apply as well.

Sooty Mischief and Magic set

Win new Sooty product: Just tell us your favourite Sooty character!

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Happy New Year to everyone!

We are so pleased to be back in 2017, and hope you have all had a wonderful festive period. We are so excited that we are in a new year, that we have managed to get you all a little gift to start off the year with – a rather lovely new Sooty toy.

We have a Mischief and Magic set to give away; so your children can put on their own magic show, just like Sooty and Sweep. Childhood isn’t complete without trying to do the cup and ball trick, right?

All you need to do to enter is give us the answer to the poll below. We’ll pick a winner after the closing date and let them know via email if they have won. Please don’t forget to give us your email address, so we can contact you.

Sooty Giveaway
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Who is your favourite character in Sooty?
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The closing date for the competition is Monday 30th January, so don’t miss out. Usual terms and conditions for the competitions on the site apply. Do pop over and look at them if you’d like. Any other queries, drop us a line on helen@

We’d also love you to check out the opportunities we have for working with you all at the moment too. We can offer you paid work, so why not join us. You can get access to free samples of great new products for you and the kids, opportunities¬†where you get paid to share samples with other mums, and even have a little get together in your own home about a specific brand.

Emm Bradley - who chose a career in blogging to help her daughter deal with DDH

Everyday heroes #1: Emma Bradley and DDH

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Talk to Mums is all about making yourself a HERO to your children and your family, just in a small way by providing them with information on great new products, and a new way of enjoying life, and experiencing it through those great brands.

There are so many mums and dads out there that are everyday heroes too, and we want to bring you their stories too on this blog, when we can. Our first story comes from the amazing, Emma Bradley, whose life changed when her daughter, Erin, was born.

Having three children was always in the life plan, and we were blessed when number three was born.  In many ways Erin was the easiest of my babies, and she slotted into family life with ease.  Her favourite thing to do was sleep, which was a novelty compared to her siblings; Chloe and Dylan. However, as Erin got older she continued to sleep more than average and not be as active as her peers.

Initially her lack of mobility did not concern me, despite mentioning it to the health visitor, at her nine month check.  I was reassured that Erin would be monitored, especially as the health visitor noticed that Erin’s thigh creases were not symmetrical and she would not weight bare.

After this ,every time I took Erin to the GP I mentioned her lack of mobility, but was told she was still young and within normal ranges. When Erin finally started walking, it became clear her foot turned in, and she limped. Fast forward more appointments and eventually an X-ray ordered by a paediatrician confirmed a late diagnosis of developmental dysplasia of the hip (DDH).

I knew very little about DDH, but quickly found out that Erin would be having extensive surgeries and spending months in a spica cast. A spica is a plaster cast that goes from tummy to ankles on both legs.Mum Heroes - Erin is diagnosed with DDH

The more I researched about DDH, the angrier I initially became.  Erin had shown the signs of DDH from birth, but it was never picked up. The late diagnosis has had a negative impact on treatment because if picked up at birth over 90% of babies are treated successfully with a pavlik harness.  There are no operations and the long term outcomes are really positive.

We never had the chance to be fixed through non-invasive methods. Instead, Erin endured six operations over a year, including one five hour operation. Bone grafts were taken to build her a new hip socket.

During this time, I took a year’s unpaid leave from teaching and I started campaigning for better awareness and training.  My blog Emma and 3 took a new direction as I wrote about the Signs and symptoms of hip dysplasia in toddlers and the treatment we were facing.

Still, I felt that more could be done, especially in educating others about DDH.  I have never heard of it during my two other pregnancies, and I never really question the hip health checks that are undertaken shortly after the baby’s birth.

I began fundraising for a national charity, including running a half marathon.  I continued to write about DDH, and this led me to speaking at a new-born screening conference for health professionals. I made many cry with our experience, and I hope they now consider DDH sooner when looking at babies who don’t move much.  I have also been on the national news and breakfast TV discussing DDH, and raising awareness of safe swaddling and safe baby wearing.

This also led to a change of career for me because Erin was later diagnosed with metatarsus abdductus and hypermobility syndrome.  She still gets very fatigued, and as a family we decided for her to be most successful at schoo,l we needed to remove the before and after school care.  This has worked really well, and I started a second blog Mums Savvy Savings.

Blogging has given me the freedom to be self-employed; it allows me to be at home with Erin and the older two.

Erin - diagnosed late with DDH, and her mum gave up work to be her hero.

Blogging is the ideal job for a busy mum like myself, who needs to earn good money, but have the flexibility to work the hours I choose.  In order to help other parents, I have also written a book on blogging and how you can make money from it.  The book Blogging Your Way To Riches is available on Amazon and via our website Blogging Your Way To Riches.

So this is Emma’s story – I am sure that you would agree that Emma and her little Erin are definitely worthy of their HERO status. If you know anyone who is pregnant, or has a little one, do make them aware of the signs of DDH. It can make a huge difference, as Emma says, to catch it early.

Do YOU have a story you would like to share with us about how you were a hero, or someone you know is? It can be something simple, such as making sure you made a Christmas production, to something a little more complicated like Emma. Whatever is it, we would love to hear from you, just drop me a note at helen@

We are feeling a little generour this Christmas - sign up to our newsletter before 20th Dec and you could win £200 from Toys R Us.

Win £200 from Toys R Us when you subscribe or refer to our newsletter before 20th December

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We hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit now that we are into December?

We certainly are. We have just picked out the winner for our amazing competition for ¬£200 of vouchers from Toys R Us for joining, and spreading the word about Talk to Mums’ newsletter! The lucky winner¬†will be announced very soon; when they have replied to our email, in fact. We will pop¬†in last month’s blog, as well as on our winners page¬†too.

Thanks so much to everyone who entered, it really was amazingly popular, and it was wonderful to have you all, so much so, that we are doing it all again this month!

The same rules apply, just join up to our newsletter in December, and you can win that ¬£200 towards Christmas. If you are already a member, then you still have a chance of winning too – all you need to do is share your unique¬†link within the widget below, and you’re in the hat too.

Win £200 in Toyr R Us vouchers for signing up and referring in time for Xmas 2016

This time, the giveaway closes at 11.59pm on Tuesday 20th December. We hope to be able to get some vouchers to you in time for Christmas after this date, but we can’t guarantee it of course. All the other usual terms and conditions for Talk to Mums competitions apply too.

Combat the #BlackFriday blues and win £200 from Toys R Us

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November is always the month where you THINK you are going to start preparing for Christmas, and get everything out of the way, and then find that actually, its 30th November, and you haven’t done a thing.

All you have is a mountain of emails about Black Friday, and a pile of stuff you didn’t want really, but bought it anyway because it had 70% off a few days earlier…

Well – those days are gone now, as we have a little competition to help combat those Black Friday, pre Christmas blues.

We are giving away £200 to one lucky winner, all you need to do is sign up to our newsletter, and you are in with a chance of winning. Anyone that signs up within the month of November has the chance to win these vouchers from Toys R Us.

And that means your christmas is sorted!

£200 Toys R Us vouchers

Even BETTER though, if you are already signed up, and I am sure some of you are, you can win extra extras by sharing a link to this blog post, and if some of your friends also sign up – you get extra entry points – up to a maximum of TEN more entries.

Now that’s GOT to be worth having, don’t you think?

So what are you waiting for – get sharing and signing up to the newsletter for a chance to get Christmas sorted with Talk to Mums!

Why not register with the site as well – you’ll get first dibs on the samples we have lined up for you when we re-launch in January as well? We’ve already got some excellent opportunities in the pipeline, from food to family holidays…you’ve got to be in it to win it! ūüėÄ

Do you buy after a free sample? Plus mums favourite Xmas tipple!

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We’ve got another great survey for you this week.

We are exploring free samples, and how they affect your buying. We want to know whether YOU are influenced by the free samples that you have tried.

Did they make you want to buy the products or not?

Please correct any required fields and submit again.
This survey has been closed by the administration.


We are offering £10 ELC vouchers to one lucky winner for helping us out with this, and we close at 11.59pm on Thursday 24th Nov. I am sure that will help you all in the run up to Christmas. Usual Talk to Mums terms and conditions apply.

Baileys is mums favourite Christmas tipple

We have the results from last week’s survey for you too.

Did you know that Baileys was mums’ favourite drink over the Christmas dinner? We didn’t either. Over 50% of mums like to have a glass, perhaps while we are cooking Christmas lunch.

I like to think it’s actually the tipple we have, while someone else cooks it for us, right?